7" Vinyl - Porta Bill (Dolphin Blue vinyl)

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7" Vinyl - Porta Bill (Dolphin Blue vinyl)

‘Porta Bill’ by DJ Woody is here to inject some fun into your scratch sessions, featuring brand new humorous, gross and always certified dope scratch phrases!

Each side features 6 skip-proof phrases plus full scratch sentence with Side A at 100
bpm and Side B at 83.3 bpm.

Pressed on Dolphin Blue vinyl, the artwork is a collaboration between Dusty Pixels and DJ Woody, putting a portablist spin on an 80‘s classic.

The record even comes complete with it’s own trading card sticker!

• Produced by World Champion turntablist DJ Woody
• 12 unique skip-proof scratch phrases plus 2 longer sentences
• Perfect go-to record for any portablist jam or 7” DJ set
• Side A programmed at 100 bpm, side B programmed at 83.3bpm
• GPK parody artwork by Dusty Pixels and DJ Woody
• Comes with trading card
• Dolphin Blue vinyl


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