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Cassette - The Point Of Contact - DJ Woody - WWC001

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The Point Of Contact by DJ Woody (Deluxe 6 Panel CD Digipak)


“The best DJ in the World… effortless creativity!” says Hudson Mohawke, “Genius” says DJ Qbert, one of Mixmaster Mike's(Beastie Boys) favourite DJs. DJ Woody aka Lee Woodvine fits the criteria for that clichéd term 'Your favourite DJ's favourite DJ'.

Following his collaborative 'BocaWoody' EP with Bristol's Boca 45 earlier this year, October sees the release of the debut solo album from the Lancashire (UK) born World Champion turntablist.

'The Point Of Contact' is hand crafted electronic music born from a collection of disparate dusty vinyl samples, reinterpreted by a cast of Manchester's finest musicians (including Christian Madden (The Earlies), Carl Sharrocks (808 State), Nick Blacka(GoGo Penguin) and Matthew Halsall) and returned to vinyl to be re-imagined by the hands of one of the Worlds most accomplished
scratch DJs.

The process alone makes the music irrefutably routed in hip hop, however the album takes in influences ranging from jazz-rock, britcore rap, psychedelia and electronica with Woody jokingly referring to it as 'Prog-Hop'. In contrast to many DJ records centred around abstract, comedy or battle cut-ups, this record draws on real life experience and introspection to inject an
honesty and soul to the work.

"It's about the transient nature of our own perception and what that brings to our experience” - Woody

Whilst the textured instrumentation sets the tone throughout the album, select spoken word samples serve as a narration of the internal monologue that guides our outlook and shapes our reality, taking the listener on a voyage through inner-space.

Press Quotes
"Defies categorisation but warrants a five star rating" - Billy Jam (Amoeba Music / Hip Hop Slam)
"Come for the entertainment, stay in for Woody’s all round vibes." - Clash Magazine
"A really great album, beautifully put together, the production's insane!" - HBS Music Archaeology
"The album is super dope!" - DJ Trackstar (Run The Jewels)
"Striking the right balance between accessible head nod material and scratches to leave your ears raw." - Monolith Cocktail
"Think the soundtrack to Blade Runner 2, add incredible cuts with a twist of Pink Floyd and you got a beautiful record." - K-Delight

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