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7" Flexidisc - FLEXICUTS 1 by DJ Woody - WWFD001

£6.50 / Sold Out

Introducing ‘FLEXICUTS’ by DJ Woody, the World’s first skip-proof 7” Flexi Disc scratch tool!

Half the price and twice the fun, FLEXICUTS brings you 10 new and original skip proof scratch sentences plus 1 regular scratch sentence.

Arranged at 83.33bpm and pressed at 33.33rpm.
1 sided translucent red Flexi Disc with silver foil graphic.

Flexi discs have the same size centre hole as regular records but due to their weight and material can feel tighter, also the spindle on portable turntables doesn't rotate like a full size direct drive turntable. If this combination causes any issue with record movement simply use a regular biro pen or pencil and push into the hole to widen by the required amount.

*Hashtag #flexicuts for all your flexi pics and videos
I’d love to see you cutting it up :)