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The Pitch Shifter (Clear acrylic)

£12.50 / Sold Out

*VERY IMPORTANT NOTE*: DOES NOT include portable crossfader.

Demo video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uvArLOuQTts

The 'Pitch Shifter' is a unique custom designed knob/bracket for the turntable pitch fader. Add a new dimension to your scratching with INSTANT PITCH SHIFT!!!

Simply replace your standard turntable pitch fader knob with the 'Pitch Shifter' then to attach your portable (Jesse Dean Designs/Raiden/Frisk etc) crossfader (FADER NOT INCLUDED) and start your 4 directional melodic scratching.

Designed by DJ Woody and made from acrylic with a felt underside for smooth horizontal movement.

The 'Pitch Shifter' fits Vestax, Technics, Stanton and Reloop most Super OEM turntables. To check your turntables suitability simply see if a standard Vestax crossfader knob will fit on you turntables pitch fader.