7" Vinyl - Mighty Wicked by Chmielix (Blue Vinyl)

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7" Vinyl - Mighty Wicked by Chmielix (Blue Vinyl)

7” by Chmielix from SKRATCHORAMA RECORDS “MIGHTY WICKED” Check the flavor from the fader…

It was a solid bet that Skratchorama Records would release a 7” DJ tool specifically crafted for the international portable turntable scene. DJ Chmielix is known as a perfectionist when it comes to music production, turntable music, DJ battles and a rubix cube… he’s as hard on the cut as they come and the Mighty Wicked 7” embodies these vibrations.

The A & B side of this record both include 6 original skipless acapella scratch loops with a variety of laser samples, aaaahhhs and fressshhhhes. Side A has 4 tracks arranged in 100BPM and 2 tracks in 133.33BPM.

Side B is all arranged at 83.33 BPM for use at regular speed on a turntable. This offers the ideal track size for a 7” battle record. The tracks are large enough to easily cue the needed loop on the fly, and small enough that the maximum amount of samples can be put on the record… needle dropping made easy! Each side’s tracks are separated by hidden samples which inject creativity into performances using this record.

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