Limited Edition BUNDLE - Porta Bill 7"/T-Shirt/Deck Decal/Trading Card

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Limited Edition BUNDLE - Porta Bill 7"/T-Shirt/Deck Decal/Trading Card

Bundle includes:
• Porta Bill 7" scratch record
• Limited Edition Woodwurk T-Shirt
• Limted Edition Turntable Decal vinyl sticker
• Porta Bill trading card/sticker

‘Porta Bill’ by DJ Woody is here to inject some fun into your scratch sessions, featuring brand new humorous, gross and always certified dope scratch phrases!

Each side features 6 skip-proof phrases plus full scratch sentence with Side A at 100
bpm and Side B at 83.3 bpm.

Pressed on Dolphin Blue vinyl, the artwork is a collaboration between Dusty Pixels and DJ Woody, putting a portablist spin on an 80‘s classic.

The record even comes complete with it’s own trading card sticker!

• Produced by World Champion turntablist DJ Woody
• 12 unique skip-proof scratch phrases plus 2 longer sentences
• Perfect go-to record for any portablist jam or 7” DJ set
• Side A programmed at 100 bpm, side B programmed at 83.3bpm
• GPK parody artwork by Dusty Pixels and DJ Woody
• Comes with trading card
• Dolphin Blue vinyl

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